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(Including GST)

Horsemanship Promotional prepaid package of 10 sessions with an additional free session available for $500.00
Equine Assisted Learning Prepaid Sessions $400.00 for 6 

*No refunds on prepaid cards, valid for on year*

EAL Sessions

$65.00 per session

EAL sessions are typically 6-8 weeks prepaid depending on the client. 

Each session is one hour to one hour and a half depending on situation that day.

Prepay for half or all sessions before start date.  Payment is to be made by e-transfer or cash at this time.


Horsemanship Sessions

$50.00 per session

Sessions are 1 hour long. 

Price includes the use of instructors horse, equipment and coaching.

Drop in riding is available for $20.00 per horse per rider.

Monthly drop in rate is $300.00.

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