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Wild Horses

Equine Assisted Learning

Equine assisted learning is about coaching people through life struggles such as addictions, anxiety, separation, divorce, grief, loss, and more using horses as guides. Bringing horses into people’s lives brings calming and restores their ability to cope with life’s struggles.
The course features primarily on-the-ground exercises to establish a strong connection with the horse. Some mounting exercises may occur but are not necessary. The horses used for this course are handled daily and are mild tempered with a gentle nature.
We offer a six to eight-session course, but more sessions can be added as needed following a post-course evaluation. Each session is one-on-one. However, requests for multi-person sessions will be considered. Sessions run one hour long and allow time for discussion and journaling.



Horsemanship sessions are also offered and feature:
• On-the-ground safety
• Proper grooming
• General horse care
• How to saddle and bridle a horse
• Proper mounting technique
• Riding instruction

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